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One of Jo’s favorite quotes is “Homeopathy treats people not diseases”.

This means that theoretically everyone can be helped by homeopathic treatment because the symptoms that we call by a certain disease name are seen as the manifestation of a deeper imbalance. Homeopathy believes that dis-ease is intimately associated with the life of the individual so to effect healing, the person must be treated as a WHOLE.

Common conditions such as digestive complaints, headaches, allergies and hormonal imbalances are relatively straightforward to address. The more chronic and serious your condition, the more complex it will be to reverse the deep patterns that your body has developed over time, especially those involving the vital organs. Many people come to homeopathy for healing of deeper conditions that western medicine is unable to cure in a satisfactory way for them. This includes states of depression, anxiety and cognitive conditions such as ADD where treatment by pharmaceutical drugs often brings unwanted side effects. In many cases homeopathy can also work as a complement to conventional care.

Some people use homeopathy as a life- long ‘tune up’ process as part of their overall approach to healthy living.

Homeopaths do not diagnose disease conventionally. For this you must see your doctor.