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Testimonials from Current Clients:

I started working with Jo when I was at the height of a medical crisis. I had a skin condition so bad and unresponsive to treatment that the only recourse recommended by doctors was to take a powerful drug (given to transplant patients) on an ongoing basis which I feared would have dangerous consequences. While I was taking that drug I worked with Jo and began a healing process that allowed me to be drug free and return to health. Jo Daly is an expert healer who is patient, understanding, and empathic. I cannot praise Jo Daly enough. I honestly believe that she saved my life.

— Lee R. New York

19 years ago an extraordinary partnership began - Jo and I met and thankfully Jo decided to take me on, stepping into an area that she had not traveled before. What I believe we both learned from this journey is that all healing is a partnership of trust, knowledge, humility, faith and courage. We found this in each other and along the way came the healing (with a lot of hard work) I now reside in a place of health gratitude and joy. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Thank you Jo, my dearest friend. You are a true healer.

— Sally B. Oakland, CA